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OT systems are critical to your organisation and require the right level of protection, with downtime kept to an absolute minimum.

Cyber-attacks on operational technology are more complex and prevalent than ever before. Many organisations do not have a comprehensive inventory of industrial devices they need to protect. 

  • Vulnerabilities: Due to the high demand for availability, many industrial systems are vulnerable due to a lack of patching and are being actively exploited.
  • Remote access: Allowing users remote access to ICS and OT systems whilst remaining as secure as possible.
  • Visibility: The need for complete and unified visibility across both IT and OT environments.
  • Compliance: Cyber regulations, agencies and standards continue to evolve in an attempt to keep up with the threat landscape. These are often difficult to interpret and implement.
  • Vendor support: Often, there is no security support available for older systems that cannot be easily replaced.
  • Internet: Increased number of internet-connected elements such as IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things)
We are here to help you get ahead of the threats so you can keep your operations running and stay secure and productive.

Whether you need enhanced ICS/OT visibility, want to implement zero trust principles, or are seeking a converged IT/OT security strategy, we’ve got you covered. 

How we help:
  • Secure Operations – Implement ISA/IEC62443 zones and conduits to contain threats and prevent their propagation. Utilise your network as a means to effortlessly establish a zero-trust micro-segmentation approach.
  • Control and secure remote access – Provides remote access to specific devices, never to the full network, whilst monitoring and then terminating active sessions.
  • Audit and Assessment: To stay a step ahead of potential threats, you need to fully understand your assets and systems, including their vulnerabilities.
  • Design and Professional Services: After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your environment, we’ll assist you in securing the assets critical to your operations. 
  • Industrial Managed Service: Our Industrial Managed Service provides real-time ITIL-based service management and delivery specifically designed for industrial environments. 

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