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Wherever you are on your digital journey, we have the people, processes and experience to deliver the business outcomes you need from your technology investments.
Businesses today face unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the digital era. 

To thrive, you must ensure your technology strategies align with your business goals and bring value to your customers, stakeholders, and employees.

This requires translating technology initiatives into tangible business outcomes, such as increased revenue, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction whilst reducing risk. This is not an easy task, but it is essential for achieving competitive advantage and long-term sustainability.

Challenges we see:  

  • Volume and pace of technology: Not only is it difficult to keep pace with new technologies, but many organisations are challenged to apply these advancements to business and capture the value they create.
  • Talent and skills gaps: IT teams may understand the value of new advancements; however, they may require training and use cases to justify technology implementation. 
  • Inability to measure IT business value: As a leader, it’s crucial to demonstrate tangible business value derived from your IT investments.

“63% of CIOs struggle to communicate the business value of IT effectively. Without clearly defined outcomes and KPIs linked to the business mission, CIOs are challenged to quantify and validate IT contributions to the business.”

– Garner, 2024


Navigate the digital acceleration with confidence: Partner with IDS-INDATA.

We pride ourselves in the depth and breadth of our team’s experience. This allows us to seamlessly navigate large-scale transformations and deliver bespoke implementations for clients of all sizes. Through this diverse exposure, we’ve honed our ability to tailor solutions that achieve successful outcomes across a wide range of projects.

How we work:

  • Flexible partnership: Choose the collaboration model that suits you best:
    • Guide me: Gain expert insights and strategic direction.
    • Build it with me: Collaborate closely on specific steps for tailored solutions.
    • Build it for me: Outsource tasks and leverage our managed services for a seamless experience.


  • Expertise at every stage: We support your entire technology journey, from strategy to implementation.
  • Accelerated transformation: Streamline your path to achieving your business objectives.
  • Seamless execution: Translate ideas into outcomes with our proven methodologies and flexible approach.

Global experience and scale

Deep expertise
Insights and expertise in the latest technologies, combined with in-depth knowledge of your industry.
Delivery at scale
Proven ability to deliver complex projects of any size on time, anywhere in the world.
Realise results faster with a flexible and pragmatic approach.
  • Measure success: Clear, quantifiable results track your progress.
  • Reduce costs & risks: Our expertise minimises challenges and optimises resource allocation.
  • Flexible partnership: Choose the collaboration model that suits you best
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