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Meeting the mobility challenge. Optimise on-site communications for higher productivity, better customer satisfaction and enhanced safety.
Workplace mobility presents unique challenges, such as a lone worker’s inability to send an alarm after falling unconscious, critical equipment issues with an unreachable maintenance engineer, and retail staff disruptions from ‘click-and-collect’ customers.

To be productive and safe, mobile workers need truly mobile communication solutions that seamlessly connect them with colleagues, machines, alarms, management, outside specialists, customers, and other ICT systems.

  • Explosive atmospheres: Maintaining communications within industrial ATEX spaces is a critical and challenging aspect of workplace safety and efficiency.
  • Lone worker safety: Ensuring the well-being of remote or isolated workers who may face difficulty sending alarms during emergencies.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Dealing with critical equipment issues when the designated maintenance engineer is unreachable, potentially leading to downtime.
We unlock the power of near-real-time digital information so that actionable insight flows seamlessly between critical systems and staff, wherever they are at a given time.
  • Improve productivity – Bridge communication gaps between equipment and staff. Enable pre-emptive actions, assign tasks, and track progress whilst on the go.
  • Improve workplace safety – Integrate mobile staff with personal safety and alarm systems. Enable enterprise-grade man-down and no-movement alarms. Deploy ruggedised and ATEX-compliant solutions in hazardous environments.
  • Improve customer satisfaction – Advanced technical alerts to maximise customer/staff/guest comfort (swift responses to technical issues with lifts, AC, heating, etc). Log staff movements and response times to support ongoing improvements.

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