Wireless and Mobility

Deliver a connected environment that is always on, always secure and simple to manage.
Is Your Wireless Network Prepared for the Future?
  • Evolving Landscape: Growing mobile demands, coupled with advancements like IoT, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6/7 are rapidly transforming wireless infrastructure, impacting businesses of all sizes.
  • Network Gridlock: Increased mobile usage and emerging technologies threaten to congest networks, potentially hindering access to applications and impacting user experience.
  • Signal Fading: Weak signal strength can lead to slow, unreliable connections, hindering productivity and user satisfaction.
  • Unwanted Interference: Interference from other devices or networks can disrupt wireless connections, creating frustration and downtime.
Unleash the Power of Wireless with IDS-INDATA
  • Complete Wireless Lifecycle Support: We’ll guide you from planning and design to deployment, optimisation, and ongoing support.
  • Secure by Design: Experience unwavering security across your entire wireless network.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Onboard visitors seamlessly and build valuable customer profiles based on in-location behavior.
  • Effortless Scalability and Security: Simplify and automate your network for secure access, anytime, anywhere, on any device

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Wireless and mobility

Our approach

You can’t guess with Wi-Fi. Save time and money by getting AP placement right the first time.
  • Discovery – We work with you to define your goals and determine what you want to achieve from your Wi-Fi.
  • Wireless Surveys – We plan coverage based on floorplans to meet your specific needs, such as data, voice, and location tracking. After completing a predictive survey, we conduct an on-site Wi-Fi survey. This involves deploying equipment, accurately measuring coverage, identifying interference sources, validating predictive survey estimates, and documenting cable routes, space, and power requirements.
  • Design – Our team will create the wireless service design based on the data collected to industry best practices, providing you with a detailed statement of works. This blueprint provides a precise understanding of the coverage you can confidently expect, aligning with the actual building/building characteristics.
  • Professional Services – During the deployment phase, our project managers and technical experts ensure a seamless and efficient implementation of your wireless solution.
  • Managed – Once the initial setup is complete, our in-life service management team takes over, assuming responsibility and assisting you in fully optimising your Wi-Fi network.
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