Hybrid Work and Customer Experience

Work Smarter, Together, Anywhere. Integrate your communication and collaboration tools for ultimate flexibility regardless of location.

While the future of work is undeniably hybrid, a critical challenge remains: ensuring collaboration remains seamless and inclusive, regardless of location.

Did you know?

98% of all meetings now have at least one remote participant.

15% of conference rooms are video enabled.

95% of customers would switch brands due to poor customer service interaction.

Up to 50% of IT resources can be spent managing and maintaining legacy systems.

67% of security breaches targeted businesses are still relying on legacy communication systems.

How we can help

Modern teams need a central hub to streamline collaboration and empower them to achieve more. That’s where we come in.

Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Needs:

We offer a range of collaboration solutions to meet your specific requirements:

  • Webex Calling with IDS-INDATA: Cisco WebEx Calling uses our global voice network to enable hybrid working and improve your organisation’s agility, all of which are supported by a managed service.
  • Microsoft Teams with Calling: Leverage the power of Microsoft Teams with instant messaging, file sharing, and teamwork, enhanced with built-in calling functionalities and managed service.
  • Unified Communications Manager (UCM) with Calling: For containerised deployments or large-scale operations, we offer a dedicated Cisco Unified Communications Manager instance located within our datacentres or on-premise. This provides complete control and customisation for your collaboration environment.


Reduce Costs: Eliminate the need for expensive hardware upgrades and maintenance. Enjoy predictable cloud-based pricing with built-in scalability.

Improve workplace safety – Integrate mobile staff with personal safety and alarm systems. Enable enterprise-grade man-down and no-movement alarms. Deploy ruggedised and ATEX-compliant solutions in hazardous environments.

Office as a magnet: Foster a safe and intelligent workspace for hybrid work, facilitating productive interactions both in physical and virtual spaces.

Inclusion: Everyone, regardless of their physical location or personal characteristics, should be seen, heard, and understood clearly in every interaction.

Flexibility & Mobility: Empower people to work on their own terms and adapt to their needs – without sacrificing productivity or facing unnecessary interruptions


We combine deep expertise with extensive capabilities in cloud, networking, security and creating unified collaboration solutions.

  • Secure by design: ISO:27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials.
  • We are accredited Microsoft, Cisco, WebEx and Ascom-certified experts.
  • Reduce risk: Full regulatory compliance, including emergency calls (with local routing where required), lawful interception (wiretap) and localised data retention.

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