27 March 2024|Sustainability

IDS-INDATA Achieve Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation

IDS-INDATA Achieves Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation

27th March 2024 – IDS-INDATA, a leading provider of industry technology solutions and managed services, is proud to announce it has achieved the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation (ESS). This distinction recognises IDS-INDATA’s commitment to helping businesses minimise environmental impact through responsible technology implementation and sustainable IT practices.

“At IDS-INDATA, we share a deep commitment to environmental responsibility,” says Iain Askew, Managing Director at IDS-INDATA. “Technology should empower businesses to thrive while minimising their environmental footprint. The Cisco ESS designation demonstrates our expertise in guiding clients towards sustainable IT solutions.”

Benefits of Partnering with a Cisco ESS Partner:

  • Sustainable IT Guidance:  IDS-INDATA’s team of experts will work with you to identify opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and optimise resource use throughout your IT infrastructure. This includes:
    • Equipment Refresh Programs: Upgrade your equipment to energy-saving models and minimise e-waste through our lifecycle assessments and responsible disposal practices.
    • Network Optimisation Solutions: Implement secure and scalable wired and wireless networking solutions, enabling real-time data collection and automation for optimised energy consumption.
    • Streamlined Resource Management: Leverage our intelligent networking solutions to automate processes, minimise waste, and reduce energy use across your operations.

Let’s Build a Sustainable Future Together.

IDS-INDATA is committed to partnering with businesses on their journey towards a greener future. By leveraging our expertise in sustainable IT solutions, we can help you reduce your environmental impact and achieve your business goals. 

About IDS-INDATA: Your Industry Technology Partner

IDS-INDATA empowers digital transformation for large enterprises and supports small and medium businesses in digitising their operations. We are your trusted partner for achieving both operational and environmental sustainability goals.


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