Cloud and Application Security

Learn how consolidating security vendors can help you reduce costs by up to 60% and close coverage gaps.
Hybrid and multi-cloud environments offer unparalleled business agility, but there’s a trade-off.

Their complexity makes them hard to secure. Point products help, but they also create problems. They leave gaps and blind spots and generate insights and recommendations that are inconsistent—even conflicting. As a result, your security environment is hard to manage, resistant to change, and less secure.

  • 69% of organisations say multi-cloud security configuration challenges led to data breaches or exposures.
  • 74% of organisations lack sufficient visibility into threats and are struggling to implement zero trust
  • 31% average increase in data breach cost for organisations with high-security complexity.
At IDS-INDATA, our customer-centric approach ensures a comprehensive solution for your security needs.

We prioritise safeguarding your applications and data, providing visibility, and simplifying operations throughout your environment. By minimising vulnerabilities, preventing unauthorised movements, and offering extensive visibility into your digital assets, networks, and cloud environments, we fortify your defence.

  • Reduced Downtime: Organisations employing robust cloud security measures report significantly lower downtime.
  • Improved Time-to-Response: Advanced cloud security tools and automation contribute to a 60% reduction in the time taken to detect and respond to security incidents, enhancing organisations’ ability to swiftly address emerging threats.

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