Industrial Networking and Wireless

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With Increasing digitisation, the requirements on industrial networks are rising continually.

The increasing networking of machines, controllers, and IT systems in plants is leading to more complex networks at the production level. Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 principles calls for more and more nodes to be connected in the network, which often leads to large network structures in industry. The outcome – Powerful, integrated, and real-time capable networks are required.

  • Operational effectiveness and agility – the requirement for real time decisions based on real time data.
  • Evolving cyber security threats – 40% of manufactures had their operations affected by a cyber incident in the last year.
  • Industry knowledge is leaving – 71% of manufacturers identified inability to “attract skilled workers as their top challenge”
Whether you are looking to scale your network’s security, improve availability, or future-proof your infrastructure for the years to come, we are here to help you achieve your aims.
  • Improved security with cyber and physical network-wide security policies that also deliver unparalleled visibility and control
  • Real-time visibility to monitor, manage, and react across the whole network, from any location
  • Increased IT and operations team efficiency

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