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Reduce costs and improve business responsiveness by simplifying and centralising your voice infrastructure with Global SIP Services from IDS-INDATA. Take advantage of SIP’s ability to drive voice communications anywhere, cost-effectively.
In today’s global business landscape, the absence of SIP services poses significant challenges.

Inconsistent call quality across various locations, complex and fragmented management processes, missed cost-saving opportunities, scalability obstacles, potential security vulnerabilities, and the intricate task of compliance and regulatory management.

  • With the traditional phone network being switched off in 2025 and BT no longer offering ISDN, IDS-INDATA SIP trunking ensures your business is fully prepared so you can keep on calling.
  • Missed Cost Savings: Without centralisation, cost-saving opportunities are often overlooked, hindering financial optimisation.
  • Security Vulnerabilities: Decentralised systems may pose security risks, making prioritising data protection and compliance imperative
See immediate cost benefits with our clear, flexible and predictable pricing.

In most countries in Europe, the traditional public ‘switched’ telephony network (PSTN) is going end of life, replaced by IP.
In the UK BT Openreach has announced it intends to switch off the traditional, copper-based telephone network in 2025. IDS-INDATA SIP trunking ensures your business is fully prepared so you can keep on calling.

Our service is designed to deliver a seamless experience – it’s easy to migrate to, manage and scale. It gives you the foundation to support new ways of working as part of a Unified Communications initiative.

  • Supports incoming PSTN traffic and outgoing local, national and international PSTN traffic
  • Supports calls to emergency services and local (national calls within the country) services, including premium rate, shared cost numbers and directory services (listing and calling)
  • Number porting (carry existing phone numbers across) Fully compliant with in-county regulation, supporting SIP signalling and multiple codecs
  • Centralised PSTN access (no need for traditional voice circuits at every site) Direct Dial In (DDI) reservation and allocation
73 countries
Global SIP Outbound is available in 73 countries
28 countries
Global SIP full PSTN replacement is available in 28 countries
We're continuously expanding our global coverage
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