User, Device, and Endpoint Security

Stop threats before compromise, reduce incident response times and boost operations effectiveness.
68% of organisations have experienced one or more endpoint attacks that successfully compromised data and their IT infrastructure.

With the ongoing trend of remote work and the influx of IoT devices into networks and operational settings, there is a need for constant validation of all users and devices as they interact with business applications and data.

  • Compliance: Navigating intricate data protection regulations can be challenging, requiring careful interpretation and implementation
  • Inconsistent Security: Challenges in securing remote users and maintaining consistent security.
  • Endpoint Vulnerability: As employees work from various locations, it introduces security challenges, including securing diverse home-based endpoints, managing network access, and ensuring data privacy in off-premises environments.
We enable you to securely access any application on any device from anywhere, supporting zero trust with zero friction.

Proactively detect, respond to, and recover from threats such as ransomware, phishing, and malware. With IDS-INDATA, safeguard your endpoints, users, and devices preemptively and shield your business from potential compromises.

  • Establish trust across various scenarios: for a user accessing an application, a device seeking network access, or an application accessing another application.
  • Enforce trust-based access: ensuring access is granted based on the principle of least privilege.
  • Continuously verify trust, even after initial access is granted, as change is inevitable.
  • Respond to change in trust by either denying access, prompting the user to remediate, or granting additional access once trust has been rebuilt.

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