Case study

10 November 2023|Ascom DECT and VoWiFi

Case Study: Collaboration Cloud Migration for Global Pharmaceutical


When a global pharmaceutical company moved its phone system from one manufacturer to another, it hit an issue with compatibility between the two sites. Ninety-nine per cent of the migration worked fine. However, a DECT system relied on for health and safety throughout the production facilities had issues. Emergency workarounds were deployed; however, a permanent solution was required quickly. They approached IDS-INDATA with the knowledge they had experience with Ascom DECT integrations. IDS-Indata has been working with Ascom DECT for many years and recently worked on Ascom’s MS-Teams Wi-Fi pilot test program, the knowledge that was invaluable for this DECT project.


The client sought our expertise to resolve the compatibility issue swiftly, future-proofing and retaining their existing investment.


Upon receiving the request, IDS-Indata assembled a dedicated team of engineers who assessed the situation and identified a supportable solution. IDS-Indata converted the current Ascom IP-DECT system to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.


Both sites’ IP-DECT phone systems are fully functional and have essential features such as man-down working—a supportable solution certified to work with Microsoft Teams.


Client Feedback:

“Firstly, I would like to thank the engineers for all their help and support with all the issues we were experiencing with the Ascom system.

Their expert knowledge of the Ascom system has been vital during our transition from one phone provider to another. The company switched from RingCentral to MS Teams using a 3rd Party PBX system. During this process, the Ascom devices were considered, and it soon became apparent that Ascom and 3rd Party vendors were not compatible. Upon approaching IDS INDATA with our dilemma, they were quick to assist; upon giving us the solution and in regards to applying the solution, the team did not hesitate and spent whole days working with us until all was working, even the optional functions, such as the “Man Down” feature. The team were excellent, very easy to work with, friendly and showed that no problem was difficult to resolve.”

 Thank you, guys; your help and assistance are much appreciated.” – Client Testimonial


This case study exemplifies our team’s commitment to providing complex systems within tight timescales on budget. From placement of the order to user acceptance in an incredible two weeks.