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Did you know?

  • By outsourcing IT management to a managed service provider, businesses can free up 30% or more of their internal IT staff’s time to focus on strategic initiatives and core business functions.
  • Successful implementation of managed IT support can reduce IT costs by 25-45% and boost operational efficiency by 45-65%

How we can help

As the complexities and challenges of managing technical environments continue to grow, you need to partner with a Managed Services Provider that can adaptively and efficiently respond to your changing needs.

IDS-INDATA offers a flexible subscription model to reactively, proactively or manage the critical technologies that run your business. You’ll consolidate service providers to reduce complexity and realise a seamless technology experience.

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Our flexible managed services model

IDS-INDATA offers a flexible subscription model to reactively, proactively monitor or manage, and maximise the critical technologies that run your business—from cloud to security, networking, managed SD-WAN, collaboration, and more. You’ll consolidate service providers to reduce complexity and realise a seamless technology experience.

Service delivery




Online portal

Asset inventory

Service reviews

Incident Management

Restoration of failed hardware (spare or vendor contract required)

Reactive Incident Management

Proactive Incident Management

Problem Management

Root Cause Analysis


Device Reachability

Customer Helpdesk Notification

Change Management

Included service requests

Software and Configuration Management

Configuration backups (where applicable)

Configuration Review

Software patching (where the vendor contract allows this)

  • Reactive – We empower you with supplementary resources to bolster your internal IT teams. IDS-INDATA offers peace of mind and reliability. When internal IT teams confront technical, time, or resource limitations, our Reactive support steps in, extending reach to swiftly and effectively resolve issues. Our Reactive services seamlessly integrate with your existing model, enhancing capabilities and expediting service delivery in a cost-efficient manner. This flexibility enables you to strategically align resources with vital business priorities.
  • Proactive – Covering a spectrum from monitoring to assuming complete ownership of service-related alarms, threshold-based notifications, and beyond, IDS-INDATA Reactive Services assure you of a proactive partner. We are committed to alerting you about potential threats to your infrastructure’s integrity before incidents arise. This pre-emptive approach eliminates the need to wait for an issue to escalate before taking action. Our Reactive services seamlessly integrate with your current framework, enhancing its capabilities. We extend our expertise to your teams, facilitating swift, agile, and cost-effective service delivery. This adaptability grants clients the freedom to strategically allocate resources according to crucial business priorities.
  • Manage – IDS-INDATA’s Manage Service is a fully collaborative and immersive support solution. By partnering closely with your internal team, our service managers and technical experts seamlessly integrate as an extension of your workforce. This enables you to retain your internal focus on crucial strategic initiatives. Our Manage Services encompass a spectrum of tasks, from monitoring, automated backups to assuming complete ownership of service alarms, threshold-based notifications, and more.  Working with IDS-INDATA guarantees you a proactive managed service partner, delivering peace of mind and freeing you from the need to wait for incidents to trigger action.

Our Commitment to Service – April 2024

2hrs 7mins
Average first response time on incidents
4hrs 4mins
Average resolution time
Average SLA usage for Incidents
Average SLA usage for changes
3hrs 40mins
Average time to resolution for change implementation

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Receive the same excellent level of service across the globe regardless of location
Direct to engineer
We are experts in our field with over 5,000 assets supported daily
24/7 coverage
IDS-INDATA operate a UK based fully manned service centre

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