Unlock Efficiency, Unleash Sustainability: The Future of Digital Transformation

Environmental regulations are becoming more stringent, and consumer preferences are shifting towards eco-conscious solutions.

Achieving net-zero emissions is not just an aspirational goal but an industry-by-industry requirement. The focus now is on decarbonisation, optimisation, and thriving within the constraints of this evolving landscape.

Businesses are responsible for: Over 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Technology’s Role: 96% of manufacturers report digital technology investments improved environmental sustainability-related performance.

Financial Performance: Companies with strong sustainability practices outperform their peers financially by 7%.


At IDS-INDATA, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility.

That’s why we offer a suite of secure and reliable networking and industrial networking solutions designed to empower your business on the path to sustainability. We provide the essential infrastructure you need to unlock sustainability:

Equipment Refresh: Reduce your environmental impact and boost efficiency with our equipment refresh program. We continuously assess your equipments life cycle, identify opportunities to upgrade to energy-saving models, and recommend cost-effective solutions to minimise e-waste and maximise your sustainability goals.

Optimise Energy Consumption: Empower the network as a control plane to optimise energy consumption, minimise emissions, and reduce costs, while gaining real-time visibility through automated data collection, enabled by secure, scalable, and easily managed wired and wireless solutions in both carpeted and un-carpeted areas.

Reporting for Sustainability: Our comprehensive Sustainability Report will give you valuable insights into your organisation’s environmental impact. This report aligns with the sustainability initiatives we agreed with you and tracks progress in critical areas – power consumption, recycling/takeback, consolidation/underutilised equipment. 


Responsible End-of-Life Management—Your Equipment, Your Options, and Potential Savings: At the end of a device’s lifecycle, we offer multiple responsible options to ensure your equipment is handled sustainably while maximising potential cost savings. We prioritise reuse wherever possible—our takeback and reuse program offers up to a 9% discount, maximising your return.

Streamlined Resource Management: Our solutions can be used to implement automation initiatives that optimise processes, minimise waste, and reduce energy consumption across your operations. This translates to a more environmentally responsible way of doing business.

Intelligent Resource Management: Build an intelligent plant that optimises energy, waste, and materials usage, achieving emissions and recycling objectives for a sustainable future while balancing social responsibility and regulatory compliance.


Our relationships have created mutual success

Deep Industry Experience
Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialised Partner
Defined and Measured Outcomes
  • Sustainability Expertise: Deep industry experience positions us to understand your specific sustainability challenges.
  • Proven Track Record: Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialised partner, we possess the credentials and knowledge to deliver effective solutions.
  • Measurable Impact: Our solutions empower you to track progress and demonstrate the quantifiable environmental benefits of your sustainability initiatives.

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