Cloud, Web & Email Security

Businesses are increasingly utilising private and public clouds, enabling their employees with software as a service (SaaS) applications and deploying changes and updates at speed. But securing the public cloud and protecting end users as they use SaaS, websites and email is a challenge. A cloud-based security solution is essential.

Our best-in-breed Cloud Security products provide a broad security solution that extends protection to all aspects of your business, securing access and safeguarding SaaS applications. 

Our Email Security solution detects, blocks and remediates email threats, including spam and malware, and sends an alert in response to suspicious activities. Its advanced malware protection enhances Office 365 email security and updates occur every three to five minutes offering the most up-to-date protection. It is a powerful defence against phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware.

Protecting outgoing email is vital too. Our Email Security solution has robust data loss prevention and content encryption capabilities to safeguard sensitive information. This helps you comply with government and industry regulations.

Discover how our Cloud, Web & Email Security solution can help you achieve optimum performance.

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