Cloud security as a service

Our cloud security portfolio will give you complete visibility of who is doing what in the cloud and when they’re doing it. It  enables far faster detection of threats and removes blind spots.

This provides added confidence that the applications, data, users and servers you moved to the cloud are protected from malware infections and other cyber threats.

Your users are protected wherever they go and anywhere they access the internet. Users, data and applications are protected against compromised accounts, cloud-native threats, and data breaches. You can also stop malware before it reaches your network and endpoints, minimising time spent remediating security breaches.

Visibility and protection extends to all office locations and roaming devices, and every application. The benefits of the cloud, including costs savings, scalability, accessibility, and end user productivity continue to be maximised while all activity remains secure.

Block threats earlier

Secure users, data, apps

Enable secure cloud use 

Protect users anywhere they work: Stop threats before they happen

Protect the applications you buy: Defend against compromised accounts, insider threats, cloud malware, and data breaches

Protect applications you build in public cloud infrastructure: Extend security and controls to applications running on the public cloud infrastructure

Discover how our Cloud security as a service solution can help you achieve optimum performance.

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