SD-WAN as a Service

Traditional WAN architectures are struggling to meet the demand for greater bandwidth, optimised connectivity with the cloud, and high levels of security, which the Internet of Things and the rise of the cloud have created. 

Effective management of applications and infrastructure is also limited by WAN architecture. It is disparate by nature making it difficult to have full visibility of the network. This undermines capability to manage failures and prevents effective forecasting of resources.

Software defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology can overcome these challenges. It is a cloud-delivered overlay to WAN architecture that provides all the benefits of the cloud in terms of deployment, management and control of applications and infrastructure. For organisations with WAN architecture installed it is a route to digital and cloud transformation.

WAN costs are reduced when SD-WAN is installed, deployment of services is more efficient, and security is improved with a resilient security architecture for hybrid networks. The analytics that come with cloud-managed services, also enable IT to isolate and address issues promptly, and analyse and plan for risks.

Reduced WAN costs by 50 percent or more
Reduce time to capability
Cloud optimised network
Secure, hardened network
Advanced analytics
Zero outages for any applications

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