About us

Partners for your ambition

At IDS INDATA we’re motivated by the exciting prospects and unexplored opportunities technology provides. We work with business leaders to support the growth, diversification and profitability of their business, fully aligning IT strategies to business needs and goals.
We firmly believe technology is a positive catalyst for change that can unleash innovation and allow you to reinvent the way you do business. Our promise is helping you rethink your approach to technology through detailed analysis and a constant focus on maximising your return on investment.

Why we're different

Customer Centric

We place our customers, their needs and their ambitions first through our engagement with business leaders, technical directors, and other business stakeholders to understand their complete set of needs. High levels of interaction with our clients delivers business-driven architecture capable of maximising performance.

Business Focused

Commercial, service, operational and change management goals sit at the centre of our technology recommendations. We’re focused on delivering the business outcomes and measurable value you need, and we design solutions to meet every objective.

Connected strategic insights

Maximising the power of technology to deliver your business goals is our core purpose. Our success results from our deep understanding of wider market influences and trends, the competitive environment, technology developments, and the implications of transitioning to your current to envisioned business state. We connect all the moving parts that determine your business strategy and influence technology decision-making.

Transformational vision and delivery

We help you set your vision for business transformation, highlighting the opportunities for disruption and competitive advantage, and setting a clear path for success. Our implementation strategies manage the risks involved in transition, ensuring new technology and solutions fulfil your transformation goals. 

  • Cisco Premier Partner
  • Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specalisation 
  • Advanced Security Architecture Specalisation 
  • Advanced Enterprise Networks specalisation 
  • Cisco Global Partner Agent 
  • Cisco Global Partner Host
  • Cisco Express Specialization
  • Cisco Cloud Services Reseller  
  • Cisco Open Stack Private Cloud 
  • PeterConnect Gold Partner 
  • Checkpoint Stars partner