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IDS INDATA Strategy solves challenges connected to competitive agility, customer centricity, operational excellence and business growth, to help our clients maximise the opportunities provided by a digital world and deliver future value.

We have a deep understanding of the role technology plays reinventing industry, business models, products and services, and enable our clients to rethink their future supported by new or reconfigured technology.

Our extensive industry experience makes us insightful about the integrated nature of organisational success. We connect the dots between people, processes, customer experience and brand, before developing technological solutions and fully addressing financial and risk considerations.

Recognising that technology solutions are part of a bigger business picture, not a system that exists in isolation, ensures we consistently deliver against our clients’ business goals, meet user requirements and set our clients up for continued success.

Our strategies are developed following wide stakeholder engagement and full appraisal of existing systems before recommendations for change are made. We recognise the scale of investment involved and provide the business case for investing as well as the cost.

Clients are guided through every step of the journey to their new operational model before detailed design and implementation begins.

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